Monday, March 29, 2010

March 2010

What a beautiful Sunday we had yesterday. In a chapel in Lindon, Utah, not far from Chelsea and Lane's home, we gathered to participate in the naming and blessing of little Ellie. All of our children were there along with some very good friends. It was a very happy occasion. Hard to imagine that just a few short years ago, it seemed as if the sun would never shine again. Tragedy and trial had brought heavy burdens and grief. As we sang the opening song...."I know that my Redeemer lives", I could not help but weep. He is my "kind, wise, heavenly friend" who has lifted my burdens and at times carried me as well. How blessed and enriched our lives have become. This is now Easter Week, when all of Christendom celebrates the the resurrection. I add my voice to the angelic message heard first at the empty tomb...."He is not hear...He is Risen."

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well. I made a goal to write something on this at least once a month. Tomorrow is the last day of the month and so while I have a moment:
I am working hard on a new venture with my friend Bob. We have know each other for 30 years (missionary companions). It is a lot of work and a huge commitment. Hopefully the payoffs will be there in the end.
Raye continues to work at Clear Horizons...a very taxing assignment. The only thing is she really does love the kids she works with.
The kids, are all busy with school and activities etc. I will fill in the details next time.
Chelsea and Lane delivered us a new grandchild, Ellie Mae (enough with the Clampett jokes). See Chelsea's blog for the details.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I heard this today at Church

Many of us take the blessings of the gospel for granted. It is as if we are passengers on the train of the Church, which has been moving forward gradually and methodically. Sometimes we have looked out the window and thought, “That looks kind of fun out there. This train is so restrictive.” So we have jumped off and gone and played in the woods for a while. Sooner or later we find it isn’t as much fun as Lucifer makes it appear or we get critically injured, so we work our way back to the tracks and see the train ahead. With a determined sprint we catch up to it, breathlessly wipe the perspiration from our forehead, and thank the Lord for repentance.

While on the train we can see the world and some of our own members outside laughing and having a great time. They taunt us and coax us to get off. Some throw logs and rocks on the tracks to try and derail it. Other members run alongside the tracks, and while they may never go play in the woods, they just can’t seem to get on the train. Others try to run ahead and too often take the wrong turn.

I would propose that the luxury of getting on and off the train as we please is fading. The speed of the train is increasing. The woods are getting much too dangerous, and the fog and darkness are moving in. (Glen L. Pace, Nov 1992 Ensign)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


What a wonderful time we have had over the last few weeks. Mom and Dad came out on the 15th and we have enjoyed having them here with us. They are returning to NC tomorrow and we will really miss them. Karl and Diana visited for a few days from Pennsylvania and that was nice as well. The Sunday before Christmas, we went to the Conference Center for the Tabernacle Choir Broadcast. It was a special treat for my parents. We have enjoyed all of the days filled with family and friends. Here is a partial lists of the things we did over the last month:
1 Funeral for Sis Webb (Hilary Weeks can really sing)
2 Shopped
3 Was laid off from work
4 Shopped
5 Wrapped Presents
6 Took TRAX to Temple Square with the entire family....way too many people had the same idea
7 Deseret Book, Deseret Book
8 Watched Bowl Games
9 Played new games on the WII
10 Watched Steel Magnolias and Julie and Julia with my mom
11 Set up new emails and synched them with my new My Touch
12 Went to the Temple
13 Ate, Ate and then Ate some more
14 Long walks with Dad and Mom on cold December mornings (gonna miss that)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Day Synopsis: 20 People, Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Potatoes, Gravy, Pies, Corn, Rolls, Jello Salads, Fruit Salads, Broccoli Salads, Sherbet Punch, Cranberry Relish ....did I mention Pie, pie and more pie? (One family actually has a contest and weighs the teenagers before and after to see who gains the most)

So...At 4:00 in the morning, the day after Thanksgiving it starts. "Gary, can you go to Wal Mart and get this (secret item)?" Really!! So, off to the store I go. I had not ventured out on Black Friday before and boy was I in for a shock. The parking lot was full, the street was full, the bank across the way was full and the school parking lot was beginning to fill.

Luckily, the one thing I was there for, was still available. Picked it up, waited in line, checked out and was back in bed by 5:45. It wasn't nearly as unpleasant as I thought it would be.

After needed rest, took Caleb to the golf course and played the back nine. All in all...a very good day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tid Bits

We went to dinner with some good friends last night, afterwards attended a concert at the Tabernacle. Elder Bednar wrote the text, Robert Condick the arrangment and the Orchestra and Chior from BYU-Idaho perfomred. It was a delight.

The last 12 months have brought many changes at work. I have been with Qwest for 12 years and have a wonderful position, which allows me to work from home and set my own schedule. Rumors are, these days are coming to an end. I have seen many colleagues loose their positions and it looks like my group may be next. Official word is expected to come before December 1st. I am already working on the next plan. Stay tuned.

So, over the course of many years we have had Thanksgiving with lots of extended family...often in very cramped and uncomfortable quarters. No one's fault...just the family keeps getting bigger. Raye and I decided to do a smaller (of course with 7 children, 4 grandchildren, and spouses, the term "smaller" is relative)Thanksgiving this year, and invited one other family to join us. We were surprised by the drama this decision caused.

It was nice to have my brother Skip, his wife Janet and their new missionary son Jared here for a few days. Jared wanted to go through the Salt Lake Temple prior to going to the MTC, so on Tuesday, we did. It was a great day. After he went into the MTC on Wednesday, Skip and I got away for 18 holes of golf. I wish they did not live so far away. We look forward to regular updates from Elder Yarn in southern California.